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Harness the Power of Nikola Tesla's 3 6 9 Method to Manifest a Job in Healthcare Administration

Updated: Jan 13

Have you ever wanted to manifest something in your life, such as a new job or career? The 3 6 9 Method, first developed by the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, is said to be the key to unlocking your goals and ambitions. This method can be used for anything from manifesting material possessions to landing a job in healthcare administration. Let's explore how this powerful technique can help you manifest the position of your dreams.

What Is the 3 6 9 Method?

The 3 6 9 Method is based on Nikola Tesla's discovery that repeating numbers three times has a powerful effect on our mindsets. Some believe this phenomenon taps into what many call "quantum energy" or "the universe"—a power that Tesla believed could be harnessed for good. By repeating certain words or phrases in multiples of three (3, 6, or 9), one is said to invoke manifestation powers and attract what they desire most into their lives.

Using the 3 6 9 Method to Manifest a Job in Healthcare Administration

To use this method successfully, begin by finding a quiet place free of distractions where you can close your eyes and focus on your breathing for several moments until you feel relaxed and present. Once settled, begin repeating aloud these words or phrases related to healthcare administration nine times each: "My perfect job in healthcare administration exists; I will find it; I will receive it; I am capable of doing it; I am qualified for it; It gives me joy; I will take action towards getting it; Opportunities are coming my way now; My dream job awaits me." Say the affirmation out loud three times. After 3 hours, repeat the affirmation out loud six times. After 6 hours, say the affirmation out loud nine times. Repeat this process over nine days. As you repeat these words and phrases with conviction, visualize yourself performing all of the duties associated with a career in healthcare administration and feeling fulfilled by them.

Developing an Action Plan

Now that you have opened yourself up to receiving your desired career through visualization and repetition, create an action plan that outlines specific steps you need to take to make your dream job a reality. What kind of education do you need? What certifications do employers typically require? Research roles within healthcare administration that best align with your interests and skill set so that when opportunities arise, you are prepared with a comprehensive understanding of what is expected from applicants. Create a resume and cover letter for healthcare that is in alignment with your desired role. Additionally, consider networking with professionals already working in healthcare administration so that they may provide valuable insight or even refer you to open positions they know about.

Manifesting what we want out of life is possible if we put forth effort toward achieving our goals—and often, our dreams are more accessible than we think! Using Nikola Tesla's powerful 3 6 9 Method combined with an action plan tailored specifically for pursuing a career in healthcare administration can help set us up for success when seeking out potential opportunities. With patience, persistence, and an open heart filled with gratitude and optimism—your dream job awaits! Good luck!

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